Global building industry company, Metecno Group enters the Hungarian market with 25 million euro investment

Global building industry company, Metecno Group enters the Hungarian market with 25 million euro investment

  • 28 máj, 2015

A group of notable domestic and foreign investors, amongst them Swedsteel, Metecno Group and Meander Holding have agreed upon the greenfield investment of establishing 2 specialized production units by the end of 2017 in Hungary. The local sales centre and the production units will be responsible for supplying the Central and Eastern European region with trapezoidal sheets, sandwich panels and the related lightweight galvanized steel products.

Key informations

  • The new company will employ up to 150 professionals in the construction materials supply industry and will be one of the largest of its kind in the CEE markets. The first unit will produce roof and wall claddings (trapezoidal and tile sheets, flat sheets, seamed roof profiles), rainwater systems, lightweight galvanized purlins and studs, as well as secondary load bearing structures.
  • With the second production unit, Metecno Group, a global manufacturer of sandwich panels with more than 50 years’ experience will  increase its regional presence in the segment of state-of-the-art insulated wall and roof elements. The newly formed unit will operate under the name Swedsteel-Metecno.
  • The first production site will start its operations in the beginning of 2016, while the second one is expected to open in Spring 2017. The sales centre in Budapest commences its activities in June, while the selection and preparation of the related building sites is currently in progress. However, a major part of the extensive product range is already available through the other operating sites of the group.
  • The product range is available through the dealer network (and partner installers), where as in the case of large industrial, agricultural or other functional buildings, customers have access to the company’s partner builders.
  • Once both production units are established, the company will offer the widest range of products within the industry and will provide one-stop solutions to its customers.

Original press release

Global building industry company, Metecno Group enters the Hungarian market with 25 million euro investment


Markus Haiden, Regional Manager of Metecno Group:

“The country’s fortunate geographical position, the high level of education in engineering and the highly qualified human resources were the reasons we chose Hungary. We see strong growth prospects for the Central and Eastern European markets, and we are excited to establish our regional centre on the stable Hungarian market, where the Hungarian government and the EU both offer supporting programmes for small and medium sized enterprises”.

Alyyan Nabeen, General Manager of Swedsteel-Metecno:

“According to our surveys, there is a growing local demand for the small and medium sized industrial and commercial buildings, especially in the business areas of freight, logistics and agriculture. We are also aware that the auxiliary services play an increasingly important role in the competitiveness of the products, therefore we offer a comprehensive set of services including the preliminary phases of conceptual, design processes and specifying products lists (sizes, quantities) for the customer. These products and solutions are coordinated through our sales and construction company partners”.



About Swedsteel-Metecno

Swedsteel provides expert technical and market know how in the field of roof and wall cladding systems as well as steel structures and rainwater systems.

Metecno Group is a world leading company in the field of sandwich panels since 1961. It runs production units around the world in 15 countries with an annual production exceeding 20 million square meters.

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